Why a new tech fund?

Does your solution / products need big companies as customer or investor - and was their first question about exclusivity?


Did you have many pitches and presentation with companies and have always the feeling that they are very interested to make it themselves? 


Did you patent your ideas and recognize then that you could not enforce your law it, if a big company is steeling your idea?


We saw that to often. Therefore we build Scalator Ventures. 


We accept pitch decks only, if...

... You are an experienced team (min. 12 years for team; means 4 team members with 3 years; 3 team members with 4 years, etc.)


... You have Your ideas already at the patent office. 


... You have a mission, a plan and the necesary passion for it!


... Your "financial engineering" is as good as your tech engineering. Business models first!


In case that you use very popular words like "artificial intelligence": that is super cool... we love startups, which are state-of-the-art, but... 


... expect that we want to know, what role patent application US2020/0285934A1 (Geoffrey Hinton et. al./Google LLC) plays for you and how you developed it further (


... or better: explain, why your data analysis or machine learning tools or your data sources deliver high value for your customers / users


Please send your decks to: pitch@scalator.vc