RUN ROCKETS: two high-end precision sensor systems - attached to each running shoe - measure the exact movement of the feet, exchange information between the shoes and visualize the most relevant information in a "Race-Cockpit" (tech-glass) for running.


A sufficient diagnosis of incorrect movements requires the analysis of the motion of both shoes/feet. One example for this is: at one shoe the sensors measures a landing and roll-motion on the inner-side of the shoe (over-pronation). Reasons can be the ("wrong"/misfitting) shoe-cushioning, irregularities in the legs (knock-knees etc.). But in many cases it is an incorrect or unbalanced motion of the other foot (unbalanced push-off or push-off not 100% into running-direction, etc.), which can be improved by the runner.


Therefore we developed an innovative sensor system with two modules (one attached at the heel of each shoe) and they communicate in real-time between each other.


For fast learning results it is necessary to deliver not only the information in an app for after-training-diagnosis, but also visualize it in a very innovative form into a ”Race-Cockpit” (augmented reality (AR) glass; we work with all existing or forthcoming AR glasses useful for sports). RUN ROCKETS allows “on spot” improvements of the running-technique which are directly measured and reflected back to the athlete visualized in an AR-glass. This feedback in real-time enables fast&efficient learning results.


Customer benefits are:

1) More Speed and Performance through Better Running Technique: first tests show that there can be very high performance improvements by using RUN ROCKETS (study currently in process)

2) Avoiding Running Injuries:
65-70 % of all runners face at least once a year
a „running injury“ like problems in achilles tendons, legs, knees, back.


RUN ROCKETS help in two ways:

A) Better Running Technique

B) 100% fitting shoes

Concerning B): 100% fitting shoes there are two methods and advantages:
I.) Choosing the Best Matching Shoes:

The cushioning/roll-motion of running shoes change much with temperature. Every modell „changes“ differently. Your running data help select the best shoes

II.) Data for „Signatory Products“

80% of the peeople are different between left and right leg or foot. This means the running motion between left and right foot differ and many runners need different shoes respectively cushioning in the shoes. 


Many running shoe producers therefore developed innovative methods like 3-D-printing for individualisation. At CES 2016 in Las Vegas the first model was introduced by a well-known running shoe company.


Important is that there are reliable data about the indivdual running style of the runner. Analysis in a lab situation deliver not this needed data with high reliability and validity.


The RUN ROCKETS  data systems are designed to deliver these data for individualized running shoes. 



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