Why a new tech fund for investors?

We have many, many years experience with different perspectives in venture capital investing, corporate tech integration and R&D projects as well as raising the next round of investment.

Based on that experience we recognized that the archetypes of the Silicon Valley Funding (extremely successful in fast scaling internet / community solutions) and East Coast / European venture funding or innovation are not efficient for new tech fields...


....and also leave many white spaces for necessary innovation: did you know that invoices in enterprises are still 85% on paper?!      


Venture Capital had for decades only few innovation - 

it started some years ago that core assumptions are questioned. 


We ask some questions, which we see as fundamental for improving investments in certain verticals or technology fields. But our questions and solutions are not fitting for other areas. There is still a high need for existing funding approaches!

Corporate investors:


You recognize that you need to invest into new technology. But you are not sure, which technology or method will set the market standard?


You invested into startups to bring innovation into the company, but the startups did not grow?


You recognized that a startup in which you invested would need to get also investment by your competitors to grow and set the necessary market standard?

VC, PE and family offices:


You invest in early stages: thanks and congrats - you make an impact to improve our world. But did you every think about how much time of your investment and the time of your startups goes into activities for next finance round?


You invest only into Series X stages: we understand that, since the evaluation of a seed stage idea needs industry and tech experience (and risk taking). But did you ever think about the money you loose, because you invest very expensive in later stages?