DIGITAL SKI: high-end precision sensors attached to each ski measuring the exact movements (speed, angles, pressure, traction etc.) of the athlete and exchanging these information between each other. The information are then condensed and visualized within a Ski-Cockpit (tech-glass).



The data exchange between the two skis respectively sensors on the ski is key! Only with this data exchange a sufficicient analyses is possible. With only one or two - but not connected - sensors no measures for improvement of the skiing technique can be deducted!


The customer benefits are:

1) “Easy-Skiing-for-Everybody”/Ski School 2.0: DIGITAL SKI lowers the entry barriers concerning skiing-technique. Fast, easy & funny learning success for skiing.


2) "Better Performance”: Higher speed, better race and running results based on a better skiing-technique.

3) “Fitness-Tracking & Motivation for Muscles-/Back-Health-Training”:  DIGITAL SKI tracks the training impact of cross-country skiing on the muscles (Cross-country skiing is the perfect fitness training not only for the heart, but also for the muscles especially at the back. This can prevent back- and spinal-problems, which are a big issue for many people).

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